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Old Town Restaurants

Elite restaurant located in the center of Dubrovnik, overlooking the Old harbor. If you visit this restaurant you will enjoy the unforgettable view of the sea, superb service, and great selection of wines, cocktails and excellent service. You can also just drop by for a cocktail at Gil's Pop Lounge.

One of the best and most elite restaurants in Dubrovnik situated on Pile, close to the sea. Besides the special cuisine, this restaurant offers a magnificent view of the fortress Lovrijenac.

When the Dubrovnik cable car takes you to reach the celebrated hill of Srđ, the place where you are going to stop will surely be the Panorama Restaurant & Bar. Right next to the cable car station, at an altitude that offers a spectacular view of the Old City, but also a wider area of amazingly beautiful landscapes, the island of Lokrum, the bay of Lapad and the Elaphite Islands, there is a restaurant that, because of this amazing environment, can be called restaurant with unique panoramic views of the Adriatic riviera. 

The enjoyment started in the Dubravka 1836 continues by passing through the western gate of the Old City. The rich Mediterranean cuisine, prepared from original foodstuffs from the Dubrovnik area, directed by top culinary masters, will contribute to the full experience of the beauty of Dubrovnik.

  • E-Mail: msevelj@yahoo.com
  • Phone: +385 20 421 194
  • Address: Uz Posat 1, Dubrovnik
  • Working Hrs.: Mon. –  Sun. 8 am - 12 am.
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted

Posat is an evergreen dining place where food is like a time-machine taking us back to our parents’ time, awakening all those long forgotten senses and tasting like something our grandmother used to make.

Traditionally renowned for fish specialties prepared according to the old recipes of Dubrovnik fishermen with rich local wine selection.

  • Homepage: gils.hr
  • E-Mail: office@gils.hr
  • Phone: +385 20 321 168, +385 20 321 200
  • Address: Petilovrijenci 4, Dubrovnik
  • Working Hrs.: Mon.–  Sun. 12 pm – 2:45 pm; 7 pm – 11 pm 
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted 
Tucked away neatly in a little side street allows the perfect balance of summer atmosphere and privacy amongst friends and/or family. Gil's Little Bistro is little in size and large in quality.  Their ever-changing, local market fresh menu really does have a dish for everyone.
  • Homepage: facebook.com/RestaurantKopun
  • Phone: +385 20 323 969
  • Address: Poljana Ruđera Boškovica 7, Dubrovnik 
  • Working Hrs.: Mon.–  Sun. 11 am – 11 pm 
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted
Situated on the Ruđer Bošković square, one of the most beautiful squares of the Old Town and offers a variety of dishes for every taste. The simple yet beautiful interior and exterior decor, the relaxing setting in front of the St. Ignatius Church, the rich offer of quality food and drinks are all very good reasons to visit the restaurant. 

  • Homepage: www.pizza-oliva.com
  • E-Mail: info@olivadubrovnik.com
  • Phone: +385 20 324 076
  • Address: Cvijete Zuzoric 2, Dubrovnik 
  • Working Hrs.: Mon.–  Sun. 10 am – 10 pm
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted
Oliva Gourmet offers modern local cuisine with a significant influence of Italian cuisine. The menu boasts fresh Adriatic Sea food as well as pastas, salads and vegetarian dishes made of only the freshest and the finest ingredients.

Traditional Bosnian 
  • Homepage: www.tajmahal-dubrovnik.com
  • E-Mail: kucaedo@du.t-com.hr
  • Phone: +385 20 323 221 Old Town, +385 20 640 123 hotel Lero
  • Address: Nikole Gucetica 2 (Old Town), Iva Vojnovica 14 (hotel Lero) 
  • Working Hrs.: Mon.–  Sun. 10  am – 02 am
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted
Sevdah music and traditional Bosnian home cuisine, this tiny restaurant is like an Aladdin’s cave, with an interior loaded with Ottoman decorations. Order the džingis kan (dried beef, sausage, peppers and spring onions with curdled milk) and get a taste of everything Bosnian or feast on spicy sudžukice (beef sausage) special selections. 

  • E-Mail: marijalip@yahoo.com
  • Phone: +385 20 321 003
  • Address: Ulica od Sigurate, Dubrovnik 
  • Working Hrs.: Mon.–  Sun. 11:0 am – 11 pm 
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted
With an open kitchen dominating the interior and a few pavement tables outside, this modest-looking place exceeds first impressions, delivering a creative menu of locally influenced tapas and larger mains. The stuffed squid is particularly good.

  • Phone: +385 20 323 682
  • Address: Gunduliceva poljana 8, Dubrovnik
  • Working Hrs.:    Mon.–  Sun. 8 am – 1 am
  • Price: affordable 
At the scene of the morning market, venerable Kamenice serves up big plates of mussels to a stream of appreciative patrons. Touristy in the high season, it reverts to a local hangout off season. 
Oyster & Sushi Bar
  • Homepage: www.bota-sare.hr
  • E-Mail: sales2@bota-sare.hr
  • Phone: +385 20 324 034
  • Address: Od Pustijerne bb, Dubrovnik 
  • Working Hrs.: Mon.–  Sun. 9 am – 1 am 
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted
Grab a terrace table with a view of the cathedral and tuck into Ston oysters (fresh or in tempura) and surprisingly good sushi and sashimi.
At Restaurant "Gusta Me" they only serve fresh domestic food - including seafood & meat. 

  • Homepage: www.sesame.hr
  • E-Mail: misko.sesame@gmail.com
  • Phone: +385 20 412 910, +385 91 500 8647
  • Address: Dante Alighieria b.b., Dubrovnik 
  • Working Hrs.: Mon.–  Sun. 9 am – 11 pm 
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted
Sesame Restaurant is a well-known Dubrovnik Restaurant situated just a minute walk on the main road on Pile gate close to Hilton Imperial Hotel near Pile gate, close to the Hilton Imperial Hotel. All dishes are prepared carefully and respectfully by Paris Cordon Bleu trained chef-owner Marina Zibert. Fresh oysters, scampi buzara, various shellfish, beef Carpaccio, Adriatic lobster, beefsteak with cheese, chicken breast “Elafiti”, traditional Dubrovnik rozata cake, seasonal fruits and many other. 

Nishta is a culinary concept in Dubrovnik that is simply refreshing. They serve only authentic, 100% vegetarian dishes, with vegan and gluten-free options available.

Tapas/Steak House 
  • Homepage: paparazzo.hr
  • E-Mail: info@paparazzo.hr 
  • Phone: +385 20 484 978
  • Address: Pobijana 2, Dubrovnik 
  • Working Hrs.: Tue.–  Sun. 6 pm – 12 am 
  • Mon. closed
  • Price: affordable – all credit cards accepted
Located in the Old town, surrounded by old Dubrovnik history you will have chance to taste delicious tapas for lunch and the best steaks for dinner. Passion for food and something new will lead you worldwide, having the best steaks for your perfect dinner.